Patient care

Good looking teeth are very important to your general appearance. Visual presentation and behaviour can be dramatically influenced by the appearance of a person’s teeth.

Nervous patients

For people needing extensive treatment or the more nervous amongst us, we have a visiting consultant anaesthetist who is an expert in sedation.

This makes any treatment not only very safe and extremely comfortable but also so easy that most people are unaware that anything has been done at all.


“Teeth for Life” is the aim of modern preventive dentistry. These days when teeth are lost, over 90% of the time it is due to gum problems.

The practice uses digital radiography which, is the latest x-ray technology helping to assist in diagnosis and treatment planning.


Our hygienists are experienced with the latest techniques and materials to help arrest gum disease, and then the aim is to work together with you to maintain your mouth in a state of “wellness” instead of waiting for a problem to arise and then try to fix it.

For more severe gum problems, requiring more complicated treatment, we have a periodontist, who is a specialist dentist in gum disease.

“The Harry Shiers Dentistry team is knowledgeable, reassuring and professional. I needed a combination of crowns, veneers and a bridge.  The results are stunning. I am beyond delighted.”

Mrs. R

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