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Ozone Treatment

Ozone is a gas found naturally in the atmosphere. This gas kills bacteria, viruses and fungi within 5 seconds and because of this it is often used to control infections in hospitals. That also makes it very useful in dentistry for killing the bacteria that cause decay and gum disease. During this revolutionary new treatment, a small laser determines whether decay-forming bacteria are present in a tooth, and if they are, a small handheld unit delivers the ozone to the spot, where it kills the bacteria instantly. A special mineral-rich liquid is then applied to the area, helping to reverse the decay process. And that’s it – there are no injections, fillings, drilling or damage to your teeth! Research shows that in 96% of cases, the decay had stopped or reversed. With ozone treatment, the need for drilling and filling is drastically reduced, and may revolutionise dentistry.


In some cases, often alongside full mouth reconstruction, or when there are a number of teeth that need to be replaced, implants may be necessary. With this type of treatment, implants are permanently positioned in the jaw and a tooth or teeth are bonded to it. At Chelsea Harbour Dental Practice, we enjoy the services of the leading and one of the most experienced implant dentists in Europe Dr Harry Shiers to prepare and insert the implant(s).  We then complete the job of filling the gap with a tooth that perfectly matches your existing teeth.

Modern Fillings

Fillings don’t have to be visible. Today there are alternative materials to amalgam (grey) and gold fillings. Silver amalgam fillings have not been used at the Practice since it opened in 1989.

Crowns and bridges

All types of crown are available, gold or gold bonded to porcelain, using only the highest quality laboratories to complement treatment.There is now a whole range of metal free crown and bridge materials including cast, pressed, sprayed and computer generated ceramics. These materials undergo continual development and can offer very high strengths with previously unequalled appearance. When a tooth or teeth are lost, they can be replaced either with a denture or a bridge can be constructed. A bridge is a permanent replacement for the missing tooth, which looks and feels just like a normal row of teeth. There are several different types of bridge. Conventional bridges utilise crowns on the existing teeth at each end of the gap with an additional tooth held in place between them. Adhesive bridges use the latest bonding techniques and involve very little reduction of the supporting teeth to permanently hold a new tooth in the gap.These bridges are manufactured using gold and bonding alloys fused to porcelain, by carefully selected top quality laboratories

Home Bleaching

This is for people who are unhappy with the colour of their teeth, due either to a dark natural colour, darkening with wear and time or stains caused by foods or traumas.
Impressions are taken and individual trays are made for each patient, these are worn for approximately 1 hour per day for about 2 weeks.


As a direct result of space technology, thin ceramic veneers can be fabricated with little tooth preparation. These can be applied to counteract the effects of ageing, discolouration, chips, twists and gaps.


At Chelsea Harbour Dental Practice, we want your children to have perfect teeth throughout their lives. We undertake all aspects of children’s dentistry, placing particular emphasis on prevention and oral hygiene. We take great care to ensure we use fluorides to their optimum effect and apply fissure sealants earlier rather than later, to prevent problems building up.
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